Benefits Of A New Basement

There’s plenty to be said for extending your living space underground, especially given the notoriously tricky planning and building control orders that can often prevent permission being granted for more traditional improvements. Here are just a few of the most popular benefits of a new basement:

  1. Basements can really becoming a unique selling point for a property. In many cases they are the stand out rooms – especially where a great deal of care and attention has been taken. They can be their own unique spaces very easily.
  2. Developing a basement is a great way of adding value to a property. Consider that often basements are large spaces – developing this into liveable space could add considerable long-term value when seen as an investment. Also they can often be extended far under the garden/yard.
  3. There’s no need to move into a larger home. Even as families grow and accumulate more belongings, a well thought out basement development can mean there’s no need to move areas and suffer disruption.
  4. They are quiet and warm. All that earth goes a long way in helping insulate basements, making them ideal for a ‘quiet space’.
  5. External access can often be built into the design too.