About Us

Nobody understands more than we down how significant a commitment it can be taking on a basement conversion project. Each project will likely have very different foundations and structural quirks that need to be completely understood by the contracted team in order to finish up with an excellent new space.

Here at Convert My Basement we only work on basement projects. The vast majority of other basement conversion companies will offer this kind of a work as a part of a portfolio, including general building and conversion work. We on the other hand believe that the expertise needed when working a basement needs total commitment and understanding – namely true specialization at how the work needs to be performed.

As a family business, we also like to offer our customers the confidence of our word through our longstanding guarantee that we offer complimentary to all of our clients. We offer this because we have a wealth of experience carrying out basement conversions, from simple tasks to major redevelopments – and many years proven track record to support the quality of our work.

There’s few better ways to extend the living space of a property than by a basement conversion, and a well-done project will always leave a high specification and extremely comfortable new room. Convert My Basement will look after the project all the way from architectural stages to structural engineering as and when required – you really couldn’t be in better hands.